Fire Equipment - Fire Extinguisher Signage


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Fire Equipment - Fire Extinguisher Signage

All businesses are currently required to adhere to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. To help meet these requirements, it’s crucial that all safety equipment such as fire extinguishers can be easily located, which can be achieved with prominent fire extinguisher signage. 

Fire extinguisher signs just like emergency exit signs play a pivotal role in surviving a fire emergency, while exit signs will help guide the way, exit signs are of course of equal importance. 

Fire Extinguisher Signs what you need to know

Depending on your premises you may have an array of different fire extinguishers on site for all different types of eventualities. For instance, you may have a fire hose, in which case you’ll need to display a fire hose reel sign, or fire signage to even cover electrical fires too.

Fire blanket signs, which help to identify where fire blankets can be found when required to smother fires are also included in our signage range.

In the event of a fire emergency smoke may obscure vision, thus making fire extinguisher signage difficult to see. That’s why our fire extinguisher signs are in fact photoluminescent signs that use a class C Photoluminescent film which is clearer, brighter, and accredited by the PSPA. 

In addition to our fire extinguisher signage, you may also be interested in our emergency exit signage, and our fire action sings too.  

For professional advice we always recommend that you consult with a Health and Safety professional that specialises in fire safety.


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