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Mandatory Machinery & General Signage

A mandatory sign is intended to set out clear instructions that need to be adhered to by all, be that employees, or members of the public. A great example of this type of signage are PPE Signs

Mandatory signs help all understand what specific safety measures are required and where. By using clear mandatory safety signage, simple safety requirements can be communicated often with an accompanying pictogram for added clarity. 

We have a wide collection of mandatory and PPE signs in an array of sizes and materials to choose from. All that you’ll need to do is decide where on your premises they’ll appear, a task in itself which will be made all the easier with our upcoming signage app. 

Why it’s essential to display Mandatory Signage

All workplaces will need to follow specific health and safety regulations to protect their employees, visitors, and members of the public. This is where mandatory signage can help, as in situations where specific tasks need to be undertaken clear signage can help to ensure that certain procedures are followed.

What are Mandatory Signs?

Mandatory signs typically have universally recognisable pictograms and contrasting backgrounds with text, to help clearly communicate a safety message of sorts.

Mandatory safety signs can include Machinery Signage, and Littering signs to name just a couple. 

Ultimately, mandatory signage should make it abundantly clear to all on your premises what actions are ‘mandatory’ to help you comply with any applicable health and safety legislation. 


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