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Commercial Grade Tablets – 15.4 inch


Commercial Grade Tablets

If you’re marketing a product or service in a retail environment, where running times could be 24/7 – commercial grade tablets are the only type worth thinking about. Regular tablets are great and in theory you could leave one running for that time, but really not designed for ongoing use in a commercial space. The few things you need to be thinking about are strength and the ability safely display the device. Our Commercial grade tablets have an optional VESA mount on the back, making them ideal for slatwall, custom POS stands or safely displayed on a counter.

Android 15.4 Inch Commercial Retail Tablets

The way products are being marketed in-store is changing – if you’re not using digital tech to do this yet, it’s really just a matter of time. Consumers are coming to expect it – and with the capability interactive Android tablets can provide – it’s not surprising.

The chances are you’ve already got a good idea for why you need a tablet in-store – you’ll either be streaming a video, some stills or even better – you’ve got a fancy new app where the consumer can choose the right product to suit their needs. Either way, it now comes down to choosing something that’s not just going to be fit for purpose, but be suitable for use as your idea evolves.

Our commercial grade tablets are intended for 24/7 use and designed with a robust casing suitable for a retail environment. The VESA mounting makes them easy to display on a counter, custom POS stand or even slatwall.

Quad Core Processor – RK3288

Our tablets use a quad core RK3288 chipset with a 2.0GHz peak frequency meaning Apps launch instantly and run smoothly. Running alongside 2GB of RAM, our tablets will be more than suitable for running your applications faster than most competing tablets.

Android 6.0 Operating System (default)

Equipped with a RK3288 Quad core processor and 2GB of RAM Android 6 OS runs smoothly. Opening times are quicker than most competing tablets, and you’ll also find apps run smoother. The beauty of running an Android OS on commercial grade tablets, is allowing the product to automatically update as the app evolves. The last thing you want is a member of your sales team having having to visit the store to update every time there’s a bug fix or upgrade. Running Android 6.0 on auto update to Google Play is the logical choice.

Note, we can upgrade our tablets to Android 8.1 if required.

Multi-touch, capacitive touchscreen panel with tempered glass

The idea of a commercial retail tablet is that it’s going to get used a lot – so the screen is very important. Our tablets are built with a 10-point multi-touch capacitive touchscreen panel, finished with tempered glass. This basically means that it’s going to be sensitive to the users touch commands without missing anything. There’s no dead corners so your apps can make use of the full screen area.

VESA mount

Now this bit is important – for us this is one of key advantages of using a commercial retail tablet. The ease of displaying the tablets in any retail environment. You’ll be familiar with the word VESA from your TV – you’ve probably got one mounted on your wall and had loads of fun installing the bracket. It works the same with commercial tablets – only they’re lighter and it’s easier. VESA brackets make it easier to secure your tablets to a counter, wall or POS stand.

Built-in Wi-Fi and RJ45 Ethernet

As you’d expect our tablets are manufactured with built-in Wi-Fi, a wired RJ45 Ethernet connection, and internal memory which can be expanded as needed through the SD memory slot (max 32GB) . In addition to wired Ethernet, our tablets can be optionally configured with Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Connect your printer or bar code scanners with USB

You might not want to rely on bluetooth or Wifi for any accessories – printers and bar code scanners can be easily connected to the USB ports found on the rear of the tablet. You’ve got 3 x USB 2.0 sockets to choose from.

Compatible with HTML5 Animation & Flash 11.0

Our retail tablets support Adobe Flash 11.0 and HTML5 animation technology, and can easily access dynamic webpages, as well as on-line videos or games.

External Power Supply

As you’ll know from your own mobile devices batteries can be temperamental – for this exact reason we suggest using an external power supply for your retail tablets. Our smaller models are supplied with internal batteries, though we’d still recommend using our supplied external power supply.


Most retail environment are louder than you think, and with a lot of retailers preferring digital devices not to stream sound in their stores, it’s likely that the internal speakers on tablets will get drowned out by the background noise. You can however connect external speakers to your tablets – bluetooth works great.

Screen Visual Quality – IPS screen available

As default our retail tablets are sold with a standard screen which will play high definition videos smoothly. These will be fine in most retail environments, although you can also upgrade to an IPS screen which will produce even better quality viewing, colour and viewing angles.

Custom Retail Tablet POS Stands

While the off the shelf stands available with our commercial grade tablets are great for counter tops, sometimes custom display stands are required, or perhaps slatwall mounts. If you require anything like this just give us a shout – we’ll be happy to help and design / manufacture in-house.

Display Size
10.1 inches

Rockchip RK3288 Quad Core processor, clocked 2.0G



VESA compatible

Display Resolution

350 cdm2

Contrast Ratio

Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth

Power Consumption