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Uneven Road Traffic Sign

Our uneven road warning sign is manufactured on a 3mm grey backed aluminium composite, with a choice of Class RA2 High Intensity prismatic or Class RA1 engineering grade you can choose your traffic sign to be wall mounted or post mounted. Note, wall mounted signs are flat backed – you can choose to have holes drilled evenly around the border if required.



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Class RA 1

Engineering Grade (the old BS 873 Class 2) For use on permanent road traffic signs and delineators, street nameplates, safety markings and other everyday signing that is less critical for road users.

Class RA2

Class RA 2 High Intensity prismatic (the old BS 873 Class 1) The standard material for the majority of road traffic signs.

Please note that this sign including all traffic signs and temporary stanchion signs are shipped from a different location. Therefore, please allow up to 5 working days for them to arrive, please also consider that these range of signs also incur a  flat rate shipping fee of £22.

All other products will ship within 2-3 business days with a £9.95 standard flat rate shipping fee applied