Like all businesses, you’ll want yours to stand out, and have or maintain a competitive edge. However, what’s sometimes overlooked or even forgotten by some businesses is the important role that high-quality business signage can play.

If you’re established in business, or even planning to launch a new company, then creative and equally attractive signage can help for a number of reasons…


Brand Positioning


Many businesses understandably wish to be perceived as ‘premium’ and ‘high-quality’ which reflects their brand, and equally their work. Business signage lends itself to further help reinforce this message. For instance, bespoke reception fit-outs, and high-quality illuminated signage can help any business to achieve this. 


Stand Out From The Competition 

bespoke business signage, you have the flexibility to really get creative, and quite literally stand out from the competition. 

Popular bespoke signage options include monoliths, illuminated built up lettering, and bespoke reception fit-outs. The possibilities really are seemingly endless, and the only limitation, your imagination! 


Boost Sales

Exterior business signs, in particular, will draw attention to your place of business, and if you have a physical store, then increase all-important customer footfall too. 

Interior signs and point of sale display stands can equally play a part, as they can help customers to locate products, and even draw attention to particular merchandise, which can help to boost sales. 


Build Trust


With consumer trust is reportedly recovering, PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Survey 2018, found that more than one in three ranked ‘trust in brand’ as among their top three reasons that influence their decision to buy from a particular retailer. 

With this in mind, it’s important to remember that as humans, we’re consciously and to a lesser extent subconsciously trying to decide if a product or brand is authentic and trustworthy. This is where business signage comes into play. As with signage, you can portray and reinforce your brand, ensuring that it’s consistent with other forms of marketing, and build immediate trust. 

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