How Your Business Can Benefit From Vehicle Wrapping

One of the major benefits of vehicle wrapping is the fact that it’s a highly effective form of advertising, you can reach a wide audience; it’s free mobile local advertising whenever you are driving!

Vehicle graphics can also be applied to almost any vehicle and likewise can be removed with ease. Furthermore, it offers a form of vehicle protection, it’s durable, and of course, easy to clean.

How much do vehicle graphics cost?

The price for vehicle graphics really comes down to what you’re after. There’s so many different types of vehicle graphics to choose from. For examples, if you’re looking for a simple vinyl logo that you could install yourself, you’re probably looking at less that £50 – whereas a printed wrap on a commercial vehicle could be anywhere between £2200 – £3000. If we start talking about applying premium vinyls to supercars, suddenly the cost isn’t applying the vinyl, it’s a trained mechanic removing all the components of the car to ensure a neat finish on the vehicle wrap. This isn’t something you want any Tom, Dick or Harry doing – you want to make sure the bits are going back on correctly. The majority of vinyl applicators you find will be fine providing vehicle wraps to commercial vehicles – it mostly comes down to good preparation ./ cleaning of the vehicle and a lot of patience.

What is vehicle wrapping?

Most regular vehicle graphics or vinyl decals are intended for applying to flat surfaces only. If you try to apply regular van decals to a contour (dip or groove) on a van or car, while it might stick down to start with, it won’t take long before the vinyl starts to pop out, causing more bubbling and loss of adhesive to the vehicle.

How long will a vehicle wrap last?

How long vehicle wraps will last will come down to many factors. If you choose the right material they can last for years, but you also need to make sure you look after the vehicle that’s been wrapped. The 2 most important factors are that you’ve chosen a suitable and good quality vinyl that’s applied in the right temperature controlled environment. The second is that once you drive your nice newly wrapped car way, you look after the vehicle graphics that have been applied – speak to your vehicle wrap specialist about which vinyls they’ve used and the after-care they recommend.