With an estimated six million CCTV surveillance cameras currently in operation in the UK alone according to (BSIA), that equates to one for every ten people. 

While businesses are aware that CCTV cameras can help to protect and secure premises, what many businesses may not be aware of is the need to comply with the Data Protection Act, and from May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What does GDPR mean for businesses with CCTV?

In short, any business that has a CCTV system in place, even if it’s just one CCTV surveillance camera, then they must clearly inform people that images of them are being recorded and collected. This is because the images captured by CCTV are now classified as ‘personal data’ due to the fact that it’s possible to identify and individual. 

The most obvious and effective way to comply with GDPR is to alert people of the fact that they are being captured by CCTV through safety signage. 

GDPR CCTV Signage is the answer

Displaying CCTV signage prominently and in close proximity to CCTV cameras can clearly signal and alert anyone in the close vicinity that they are under a form of surveillance. 

Of course, displaying CCTV signage has the added benefit of deterring potential criminals too, which is likely why you have CCTV cameras installed in the first place. 

It’s never too late to consider and review your Coronavirus safety signage!

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Clearly state why you are using CCTV

Under the current GDPR guidelines, it’s not enough to state that you are recording and collecting personal data, you need to specify why. 

For example, your CCTV sign may need to state that “CCTV is in operation for the purpose of public safety” or as in most cases that “CCTV images are being monitored for the purpose of crime prevention”. 

In summary, it’s imperative that all businesses remember that compliance with GDPR is a legal obligation when processing personal data. Let’s not forget that GDPR violations could see your business hit with fines of up to €20 million (about £17.75 million) or 4% of your annual global turnover.