If there’s one thing the Coronavirus has given us time to do, it’s think. Back in March when the UK started to take Covid-19 as seriously as it deserved, we were hit with a sudden realisation that our two largest types of customers businesses had come to a grinding halt. We’ve never really advertised online and have had a steady flow of work for the last 16 years. It’s strange when that suddenly disappears. 

We’ve been continuing to work on briefs we’d already been given, and have come up with some excellent POS ideas for our customers looking to return to work. We can all feel as positive about things as we like, but even when things get back to “normal” it’s safe to say that most budgets are going to substantially be cut for the foreseeable future. We can come up with loads of fantastic ideas, and we can supply marketing materials to suit any budget – but it’s all going to have an effect on the way our business is run, and how we financially perform over the next couple of years. 

Our sole goal is to come out Covid-19 being fit, healthy and with a full squad returning to work as quickly as we can and as safe as we can. 

One of the first things we did as a company, even before lockdown, was a risk assessment of our workplace. We wanted to make sure that we’d considered every possible way the virus could spread at work, and take control measures to minimise that risk. We own another company with a great app that allows you to do this – Risk Assessor.

It didn’t take long to realised that in addition to any physical measure taken into account, one control measure came up time and time again – Covid-19 Signage.

It’s not something we’d really pushed before, and so many other companies offer safety signage, we didn’t want to jump on the same bandwagon. When we start offering something, we like to have something that puts us ahead of the competition – not just with price, service and all of the usual suspects, but something that could really set us aside from the rest. 

Coronavirus gave us time to think about this. Time to think about the best way to offer not just Covid-19 safety signs, but safety signs in general. We looked at what we already had:

  • Signage Company based in Cambridgeshire Tick
  • Safety Software company and a team of developers Tick

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what the answer became. We’ve spent out lockdown, building an online shop to order safety signage and our USP is our new App generously named: 


Safety Signage 


Anybody that’s ever ordered safety signage will be aware of the task in hand – grab your pad, walk around the building and make some notes on all the different safety signs your business needs in that area. When you’re done – go online, and start searching for the signage you need. Fill your basket, and await delivery. You’ve then got to find your notes and re-work out what’s supposed to go where. 

Our App improves this process and makes ordering business safety signage a lot more time-efficient. Simply use your phone or tablet to drag and drop safety signs over a photograph. Choose from a range of different signage material and sizes and order at the click of a button. 

Not only that, but at the end, as part of your order confirmation, you’ll have a gridded photo and plan showing exactly what safety signs need to be installed where. 

It sounds simple but we believe it can change the way people order their signs. We also hope it can make the immediate task of ordering Covid-19 signs as easy as possible. 

The app is due to go live Mid May. We will share a link asap. 

Stay safe everybody and good luck with your efforts in getting through this horrible virus.