Here at Bigprinting, we’re much more than just signage business!

We have the expertise and the means at our 10,000 sq ft Cambridgeshire HQ to undertake any bespoke printing requirements for clients worldwide.

One fine example of a recent bespoke job was to create beer mats or well drink coasters for the teetotallers amongst us.

Custom beer mats are not just affordable, they are equally an attractive marketing proposition, especially if you consider the long dwell time, spent within bars, restaurants, and pubs around the world. Click To Tweet

Couple this with the fact that you’ll be able to reach large groups of consumers, that will likely be relaxed and more receptive, then you can start to see how beer mats can be an effective means of marketing. Now, we’ll drink to that!

We hope that you find our latest work inspiring, and as always if you have any ideas for bespoke printing or signage, then please do get in touch. Remember, while we may be Cambridge sign makers, we work with brands and companies of all sizes and budgets all over the world.

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