What you should know before you start planning 



What you should know before you start planning

What’s it been like previous years?

The Bett Show mainly referred to as Bett is a 3 day education show showcasing information technology in education. It attracts leading Tech companies and Edtech start ups. It has an international audience attracting visitors from all around the world they also have the benefit of attending CPD content sessions, coordinated business meetings and networking opportunities

The attendees range from teachers, school leaders and education experts. The hall is split in to 6 different zones allowing the visitor to find specific areas of interest. They are an Education Show, Leaning Tech Zone, Equipment & Hardware Zone, Teaching Tech Zone, Management Solutions Zone and Global Showcase Zone so it is important you select the right area for your stand.




BETT Exhibition London

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Past Event Visitors

Top Visitors

Images taken direct from The Bett Show

the health and safety event

Images taken direct from The Bett Show

Where’s the best place to book a space?

The show usually takes over all of the South side of Excel exhibition centre but this year they are splitting the show across the part of South and part of North side so visitors will have to cross the boulevard between the two sides. This will mean in future years they will be able to expand the show to increase exhibitor stands.

The central area is always dominated by large exhibition stand from some of the biggest players like Microsoft and Google but the size of stands gradually fanning out across the hall to shell scheme systems around the edge. Getting the stand size and position you would like at Bett may not be as easy as other shows, so you may have to compromise on size or position. It is important to get your rung on the ladder to get a choice of stand the following years as the allocations are based on number of years of exhibiting at Bett. Companies tend to sign up for the following year the day before the currant show opens.

You do not have to go big to make an impression. The bigger the space the more money it cost to create something great. If you are going to make the investment in buying a stands space go for a stand size that leaves you enough money left over to build a knock out stand. The important thing at Bett is to be creative and do things differently.

The extra money to go space only, and have a custom stand, will make you stand out and attract your future customers a lot better. Another option is to think about a bespoke custom modular stand that you will be able to use at other shows and following years at Bett spread the capital item across a number of years.

Look to book your stand space near seating areas or coffee points is a good opportunity for visitors to see you while they relax

Images courtesy of  The Bett Show

What’s the setup like?

We’d like you to choose us as your exhibition stand builders, because we know what we’re doing. The book in process can be long winded at the Excel and take a while. We’re used to it. This show gets busy, it’s always packed with contractors all wanting access all at once.

If you have equipment on your stand this will also need to be booked in to gain access to the hall. We can help with this and even take it with us with the main stand to save time and worry with using external courier or haulage companies who which are not use to the waiting and queuing at exhibition centres.

Usually there’s things like lifting or working at height equipment required. We’re in a fortunate position where we’ve built up good contacts to get the best rates and share equipment required that we may usually have to pay for. Parking’s also expensive, make sure you make the most of any free parking offered as part of your deal.
For further information please look at our Guide to Booking your Space.

Is it worth getting any extras?

There are some things that sometimes you just don’t think of when you planning to exhibit at an event, but some things you just can’t live without. Wi-fi is one of them, along with electricity.

We will take a detail brief from you so know what you need and we can help you book everything you need.

Getting the right amount of electricity booked is so important. The cost for electric is expensive so ordering the right amount is important. Too much and you are paying way over the odds and ordering too little will mean the electrical fuse will flip and leave the stand in darkness and your screen not working. You will then be left with expensive on site up grades from the organisers.

Internet is another thing to consider, 4g is ok for browsing but it can go wrong and signals can drop especially when thousands of visitors jump on it all at the same time. So if you are doing a demo you will need to purchase Internet access from the organisers and this is expensive so we can help with solutions.

This is also a show where people love a freebie – even if it’s just a pen, get some made – they’ll help get people to your stand. We can also help with other ideas to promote your stand. To help you stand out you could also invest in a hanging display – you’ll need to book the install from the organiser directly, but we can help you with that.

Take-down and Hotels

Taking a stand down is always far far quicker than building it, but it takes a while for you to be allowed in the queuing system. This is where we can take the hassle away from you. We will take down the stand and we can even deliver your products and literature back to you, so you can get off on time when the show finishes. We can discuss options for hire or purchase of furniture and equipment. Either way, we’ll manage things every step of the way for you.

Hotel rooms can get booked up a year in advance so make sure you book your hotel rooms as soon as you can, even before you confirm your space. There are all the usual hotel chains around the Excel centre with easy walking distance which is great when you have had a long day on the stand. A few things to consider when looking at hotels is to check which entrance they are near, the East or West as it is a long walk back if you go the wrong way. If you are driving see if the hotel have parking availability and how much the parking is compared to the exhibition centre parking. The Excel exhibition parking charge a daily fee so it doesn’t matter if you are there an hour or 24 hours it the same price.

If you’re on a budget try looking at hotels close to the docklands light railway line (DLR), that way you save on parking at the venue by travelling in on the DLR, the Primmer Inn at Beckton – takes about 15 mins by DLR and has a supermarket nearby for last minute stand essential. Sometimes you don’t need that expensive luxury if you’re only going to be in there to sleep.


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