A lot of clients ask us how we go about designing an exhibition stand and how long we need to produce it? 

Well a year would be nice but in an ideal world you should be looking at a 3 – 4 months turn around time but this will be dependent on a number of factors. 

Firstly you would need to take into consideration is your own internal  approval times, do you need to get sign off from lots of people?

Secondly do you need to get your graphics signed off through your legal department and does the stand have to go through legal too? 

Legal sign off is usually a big stumbling block to timings, we have found from our experience especially on complex stands bringing in the legal department in early into the design schedule  that way they have an idea of what is going on from the start, or alternatively flag up the schedule to them in advance so they are aware of print deadline times so they can allocate time in their diary for your project in advance. 

Another sticking point to your perfect schedule is exhibition organisers approval, they will need to sign off your stand design by a certain date, depending on the size and complexity this may need additional approval and drawings , so see when this deadline is too and work back. 

All these extra times will need to be factored in to make sure you have an easy run in on your exhibition journey.

Example of Exhibition Stand Design By Bigprinting

Do not worry we can help you with all these deadlines and we will tailor  a timeline for you so you know when everything is needed.

Although not recommended when all is said and done we have turned jobs around from brief to completion and on site in under a month so talk to us even if all deadlines have passed. 

The Design Process is all about getting to know you and understanding what you need and want to achieve. We brake them down into 4 steps: 

1/ What is your Brief ? – Brand identity – what is your mission?  – YOU – Your Products

2/ Design and planning – concept and plans –

3/ Construction and Approval 

4/ delivery


arrival of brief form client


Brief Development  – 2 Weeks


mood boards

concept sketches  / creative ideas


3 Dimensional Design Concept – 2 weeks

design development planning 

3d designing and modeling 

presentation drawings


Concept Design approved


Design development – 2 Weeks

CAD Visuals

 -revise planing and Visualisation


Pre Production – 2 Weeks

Working Drawings 


Graphic Art work


Exhibition Production – 4 Weeks

workshop construction and PM

Graphic Production

 Pre Build


On Site Exhibition Management and Build – Organisers /Show Dependent

Install and site supervision

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So now you know about exhibition stand design. Well, next up, be sure to check out our Guide To Booking Your Exhibition Stand. It’s packed with useful information, and insider tips to help you maximise your success at your next exhibition.