Your guide to getting the best out of your exhibition stand design & build




Your guide to getting the best out of your exhibition stand design & build

What’s it been like previous years?

Showcased at the NEC Birmingham, the Health and Safety Exhibition has been well received for a number of years. It’s run alongside the facilities event, located in the hall immediately next door. Both attract a crossover of visitors with easy access to and from each hall. Naturally you’ll see the giants of the health and safety world showcasing their products and services at the event, although it’s primarily smaller shell scheme based exhibitors that seems to heavily populate the space.
While these smaller stands server a purpose, with a roller banner stand, few foamed panels or maybe even a TV, we firmly believe that if you’re going to take the plunge into exhibiting, the extra money to go space only, and have a custom stand, will make you stand out and attract your future customers a lot better. You don’t need to be competing with the 3M stand here, but you’ll be surprised how much more professional your stand can look with a modest investment.

Image courtsey of  The Health & Safety Event

Four events under one roof

Image courtsey of  The Health & Safety Event

the health and safety event

Image courtsey of  The Health & Safety Event

Where’s the best place to book a space?


There’s always a good uptake at the seminars and workshops put on over the show’s 3 days, but try and look at the schedule and finishing times of the seminar. You might think that there’s one in particular that attracts the perfect customer for you – but see how long it’s on for, and what time it finishes. You don’t want to book your stand right next door if it’s finishes around lunchtime, with lots of hungry participants running straight off for lunch. With that in mind, there’s some great spots around the coffee break areas. Try to also pick a space near a stand where people will congregate around for a catchup, or update.

Image courtsey of  The Health & Safety Event

What’s the setup process? 

We’d like you to choose us as your exhibition stand builders, because we know what we’re doing. The book in process can be long winded at the NEC and take a while. We’re used to it. This show gets busy, it’s always packed with contractors all wanted access at once. Usually there’s things like lifting or working at height equipment required. We’re in a fortunate position where we’ve built up good contacts to get the best rates and share equipment required that we may usually have to pay for. Parking’s also expensive, make sure you make the most of any free parking offered as part of your deal.


Is it worth getting any extras?

There’s things that sometimes you just don’t think of when you plan to exhibit at an event, but some things sometimes you just can’t live without. Wi-fi is one of them, along with electricity. When we know what you looking use on your stand, we can help you book everything you need. Relying on 4g is great as the NEC, but only as great as anywhere else. It can go wrong and signals can drop. This is also a show where people love a a freebie – even if it’s just a pen, get some made – they’ll help get people to your stand. Because the stands tend to be quite low this exhibition, you could invest in a hanging display – you’ll need to book the install from the organiser directly, but we can help you with that.

How long is take-down?

Taking a stand down is always far far quicker than building it, but it takes a while for your be allowed out in the queuing system. This is where we can take the hassle away from you. Even if you’re keeping the stand you purchase from us, we can take it all down and deliver back to you, so you can get off on time when the show finishes. It’s best to discuss with us what you’re keeping and what you’d like like hire. Either way, we’ll manage things every step of the way for you.

What Hotels Do We Recommend?  


The last thing you want when you’re exhibiting, especially if you’re having a late night while there entertaining staff members or customers, is a hotel that’s gonna take an age to commute from. If you’re on a budget we’d go for the Travelodge at Fort Dunlop – takes about 15 mins and is decent, or the Marriott just outside the show, less than 5 mins. Sometimes you don’t need that expensive luxury if you’re only going to be in there to sleep.

Some other local hotels to consider;

Genting Hotel at Resorts World Birmingham

ibis budget Birmingham International Airport

Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham Airport


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