When enquiring into an exhibition stand all organisers will try and sell you a stand by the square meterage but the size is not the most important thing, the position and orientation  is more critical. 

The Organisers will draw up an exhibition plan so make sure you get sent this before you book your stand, from this you will be able to see how many stands they are planing, what the configurations and features are, you will be able to identify potential sites for your stand. The plan will show the number and size of each stand and which are sold and which are still available . So ask for the specific sites you want when booking your space. 

Booking your stand early will give you better choice and some shows offer discount with early booking. The bigger and popular shows the organisers will take bookings for the show a year in advance even talking and taking bookings during the show build to secure the clients for the following year.

Best positions for stands

  • Near main Entrance and Exit but not right on top of it as it will be too busy when the show opens and clients won’t be able to see your stand.
  • Feature areas 
  • Other Entrances in 
  • Location of Sister / partner shows 
  • Near Theatre areas – not right by the exist just far enough away for people to move freely
  • Seating Areas 
  • Hospitality areas 
  • Trade organisation lounges 
  • Main aisles or cross roads  that visitors use to get from one side of the hall to the other or from theatre areas.
  • On aisles leading to meeting rooms
  • Near industry leaders – attract large amounts of ‘traffic’ but be carefully you don’t get crowed out with people gaining access – so find a space close by or on route.
  • Near competitors – can be a good thing giving visitors the opportunity to directly compare products

Types of stand

You will be sold your space by the square metre and these will be offered in two types of  space packages SHELL SCHEME and SPACE ONLY.

A shell scheme space will have a carpet and a basic wall structure from which you can sell and promote your products or services this will be to a standard height usually under 2.5m tall with a fascia board at the front displaying your company name. What you get with your package will depend on the organisers but will have various upgrade options to choose from. Note it will not usually have an electrical socket as standard and you will be limited to how you can fix any graphics or messages to the walling.

If budgets are tight we can still use these spaces to create you a great custom built stand or custom modular stand for you. The organiser upgrade option will be in most cases expensive and “standard elements” so talk to us before committing to any upgrades. Secure your site first don’t fill pressured to commit to the extras.

SPACE ONLY: As the name suggests is just the purchase of the space only or an area within the exhibition hall, this is where we would design and build something for you that fits the space. We can also design bespoke modular stands that can be used in other configurations and other shows.

Space only stands can normally be built to a height of 4m before planning permission is required.

Number of Open Sides

You will need to consider how many “open sides” you have on your stand. This means how many sides are open to the aisles and how many are closed off by walls joining neighbouring stands. When the stand is open on four sides it is referred to as an Island site.

How much space do I need?

When looking at the amount of space you will need to take in to consideration a number of things.

How much space is going to be taken up by your product?

Will you need a demo area or Private meeting area?

How much storage will I require?

How many Staff will be needed?

Hospitality or seating areas ?

Our stand designers will be able to advise you whether the space you have reserved will be sufficient for the activity planned and surest alternative ideas.

Exhibition Stand Design


While location is important, it goes without saying that you want your exhibition stand to make an excellent impression and draw visitors in. With that in mind will work with you as masters of exhibition stand design to develop the best long term plan for your trip into the world of exhibitions. Some items we suggest can be from stock, can be hired (even the walls) or can be purchased. The key here again is communication. Once we understand what and for how long you’re looking to exhibit for, we’ll suggest the best foot forward.