What a year 2020 has been – I don’t think anybody could have predicted this. It really has been one thing after another. As if dealing with the health of each others families wasn’t enough, striving to support our businesses has been part of the journey we’ve all been forced to face.

Despite Bigprinting offering design, printing, point of sale and signage to the retail and events industry, thankfully we’ve been blessed that most of our customers have been fine during this tough time. We’ve worked with them to forward plan point of sale and displays for 2021, and the results have been great – our ideas have mostly turned into orders and we’re quietly optimistic about our future.

This strange time has however given us time to reflect on what we offer, and how we can improve and expand our product portfolio. Like just about any other printing company out there, when Covid first struck we decided to offer a small range of safety signage, to help companies around the UK prepare for dealing with the virus. We’d always toyed with the idea of offering this kind of product, but knew that to service this industry properly, we needed to improve on the way it’s already being done. Covid has given us the chance to think about this, and really take steps to take the process of ordering safety signage forward.

The Directors at Bigprinting also own another business called Safety Apps – Risk Assessor – it’s a software company based online specialising in preparing, storing and viewing safety reports and the data produced from them. It’s been a success since it’s launch, even being commended in the National Safety Awards.

We’ve taken this year to use the expertise in both businesses , to create some software that will improve efficiency in ordering safety signage. It’s something that pretty much every business in the UK has to order in some form, and how is it done? Usually somebody will walk the site, with a pen and a pad, taking notes of what they need, then back to the desk to find it on Google and get ordering. We’re taking the hassle out of this, by using the successful model we used with Risk Assessor, and applying it to Safety Signage:

What is the Safety Signage App?

The Safety Signage app will be available to download for Free on Android or iOS. It allows you to take photographs of your site or building and simply drag and drop the signage you need over the top. You simply choose the size you need and select the required material and order at the click of a button. You might not be ready to order straight away, so you can save your quote for later or add other areas to it.

What’s the benefit of using the Safety Signage App?

The main benefit of the app is it’s simplicity – you can now order the signage while you’re still at the site – no need for the return trip to your computer where you need to make sense of all your notes. You can order immediately and also save an install plan showing where each sign should go, with a grid reference. Not only that, but you can design your own safety signs on the app, with your own logo.

These can even be saved for future use, and shared with others.

What types of safety signage are available?

We’ve added a number of different categories to cater for as many safety signage requirements as possible. These categories include:

Access Prohibition
Dangerous Substances
Disability Discrimination ACt
Emergency Exit
Fire Action
Fire equipment
First Aid
Floor Signage
Floor Stickers
Food Hygiene
General Prohibition
Mandatory Machinery General
Mandatory PPE
Mandatory Protective Clothing
Temporary Stanchion Signs

Not only that, but you can create your own custom safety signage using our safety signage builder.

When’s the Safety Signage App available?

We’re working hard to launch the Safety Signage App in early 2021 – watch this space…….